Home Base Operations

The Home Base area for the Flying Yankee will need to provide adequate space and amenities for year round management of the Flying Yankee’s mission. Plans are being finalized for the Flying Yankee's new home base. We are awaiting fiinal approval and the new location will be announced at that time.

 Long range plans call for the Flying Yankee to operate at the Home Base location from late Fall through early Spring each year, and cyclically remain there for the entire year as part of the overall mission to operate the Flying Yankee for a season at a time at various locations throughout the region.

 There will be facilities available on-site at the Home Base able to support the educational mission, to display memorabilia and artifacts, to support a technical center, to display and operate the original equipment, as well to test and evaluate future technologies, facilities for maintenance and logistical support, and an area to support train operations to include a station for ticketing, passenger requirements, retail and food sales, train control and reservations, parking, data processing, video displays, etc.

 Track requirements at the Home Base include a Wye (with a minimum tail of 225 feet in length) to turn the Flying Yankee as well as siding with enough area for safe boarding and possibly a static display.

Commercial power will be required in order to support static train activities