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How would you like to "own" a piece of the Flying Yankee and help support the restoration at the very same time?  We're now selling the Naming Rights to all 132 seats aboard the famous streamliner to raise the funds needed to complete the restoration by 2010 - our estimated completion date.

We're also selling the Naming Rights to the the three cars and three unique spaces aboard the Flying Yankee - the Engine Bay, the Galley and the Baggage Room.

When you purchase the Naming Rights to a seat or group of seats, the Naming Rights are good for a lifetime and they're transferable!  All you need to do to secure your seat aboard the Flying Yankee is provide us with a 20% deposit (per seat) and you'll have two years from the date of purchase to pay the remaining balanace - the amount of the payments and when you make the payments is totally up to you.  Below are the price breakdowns for seats in the three cars...


1.  Flying Yankee Power Car - 28 seats:   (THIS SECTION IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT)
Seats 1 - 28   $2,500 each

2.  Flying Yankee Coach Car - 60 seats:
Seats 29 - 52  $4,500 each
Seats 53 - 88  $7,500 each

3.  Flying Yankee Observation Car - 46 seats:
Seats 89 - 112  $12,500 each
Seats 113 - 124  $25,000 each (12 individual arm chair seats in the First Class area!)

Each seat purchased will be identified by a specially engraved silver plaque stating your name (or another name of your choice), the city/town & state and the seat number.  Also, each plaque will be permanently affixed to the rear of each seat you purchase!

In addition, you'll receive specific usage rights with each seat you purchase the Naming Rights to - the usage rights will vary depending on which seats are purchased, however you will be guaranteed limited use of your seats each and every year - for a lifetime.

Naming Rights to the three cars and unique spaces aboard the Flying Yankee are good for ten years, not a lifetime... but you'll have the first right of refusal upon renewal and be able to enjoy some very special usage benefits along the way as well.  For prices regarding Naming Rights to cars and unique spaces, please call (603) 745-3974 or send an E-mail to

If you'd like to learn more about how you can become involved in the exciting new Flying Yankee Naming Rights program, whether it's for seats, cars or unique spaces aboard the Flying Yankee, please contact me as soon as possible by calling (603) 745-3974 or send an E-mail with your questions to:

Please remember, there are only 132 seats aboard the Flying Yankee plus the three cars and three unique spaces and when they're gone, they're gone.  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to "own" a piece of railroad history and help complete the restoration of the Flying Yankee at the same time.
The Flying Yankee Restoration Group, Inc. 603 661-3317