Like most of the parts on the Flying Yankee every part is unique even when they look the same. It would appear that copies of same windows could be used on either side of the car but each of the curved glass panels is unique in curvature for that location.

New curved safety glass was installed in the parlor lounge and FRA glazing is installed in the remaining compartment windows. A new gasket was designed to provide additional emergency exits within each compartment. This was accomplished without altering the original window frame design.

Loose seating in the parlor car's lounge has been restored, reupholstered and is ready to install.

Like the other two cars new air conditioning equipment will be installed in the vestibule area in the same location as the original equipment. Additional small package units will be added to enhance system performance. They will be installed in the hall closet ceiling at the forward end of the car and just below the floor, in the small enclosed area where the rear emergency coupler would be installed.

The rear center casting has been removed and is ready for inspection, repair and magnafluxing. The rivet holes will be prepared for HUCK bolting.

Center casting at the last truck has been removed as have all the rivets along the cars center beam.

The removed center casting.