The cab on "A" Car is shown in this picture with the new brake stand installed. The walls of the cab have been paneled in stainless and the original trim restored. As of 02/04/03 the entire cab interior is finished and we are preparing to complete the installation of cab amenities and brake system.

The black control stand in the picture at the right has been completely restored. Nearly 1/4 of the bottom of this stand had rotted away. A new base was fabricated and butt welded in place. This stand also housed the transition, reverser and control panel. Today it looks and functions better than new and will soon be installed in its original location.

Norm checks the fit on one of his eight new Cab window frames. The original frames were too thin for FRA glazing and to severely damaged from corrosion and years of weather to restore.

Norm shows off his new stainless dashboard and floorboards. The control stand just below him is completely restored. The new brake stand assembly at the right is installed approximately where the original stand was.

When the Yankee arrived, it's cab was a corroded mess.